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tv   Treasures of the World - Spissky Hrad Slovak Republic  Deutsche Welle  March 9, 2018 12:15am-12:30am CET

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hilltop often characterized for thousands of years by swirling mists and flocks of birds. a magical cultic site and it was inhabited even in the new illicit period. the celts came here followed by the romans the chances and the awesome in terms. of business. culture crossing. the rockies white fish and
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soft prone to erosion but proud and chilly visitors from far off. travel times called a regal building material. sublimely it forms the steep hill in the majestic castle which sits atop it hovering high above its surroundings seemingly inaccessible one of history's great fortresses space kieffer out space cast. hundreds of thousands of blocks human from travel time join together over three centuries on an area the size of a small town to create one of the biggest castle complexes in yours.
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early twelfth century the council consisted of just around forty five town. but over the next five hundred years it was constantly enlarged. today the ruins bear testimony to a variety of architectural styles romanesque and gothic renee songs and the rock.
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but the fortress never enjoyed soul supremacy over this region right from the start opposite insubordinate merely from a geographical point of view there existed another bastion that demanded respect and knowledge meant the church. and super regional history whether of a roman catholic or hungary and imperial nature shed its influential light alternately on these two rounds of power. this biscuit company to this space chapter with its castle like fortifications was built at the same time as the castle. more lasting communities like the
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benedictines lived here even before the early middle ages like the castle the romanesque basilica was altered many times today it's one of slovakia's most valuable cultural assets the romanesque frescoes have disappeared and only five of the original thirteen altars have been preserved and whether they are masterpieces or slovaks like gods or gods.
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because of its influence and its independence the tiny ecclesiastical enclave of space can copy tool was often referred to as the vatican of the east. since seventeen seventy six it's been the seat of a bishop it was at that time that what began on giving the chapter of a rock face the bishop had a french garden laid out. and whereas on the hill office it was gutted by fire space good copy to left flourished a university was founded here and a seminary established. the former fortified church became a spiritual and intellectual strong.
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space the flood had become an unprotected ruin for many centuries previously the castle had served as a vital refuge for the high dignitaries of the judge. the extensive sight of the safety to the military soldiers peasants and priests. man and his animals were able to resist enemy assaults for months on end. the mongol tartars destroyed space good copy to them but they could not take the castle. full of respect for the mighty fortress ottoman scouts passed on by heading for vienna. and the last lords of the castle the saki family had long since built a representative baroque palace near the fortress. with the mediƦval was destroyed by fire the castle had become too uncomfortable for its arse to cross-check owners
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. there was nothing left to defend here nevertheless right through to the present day the ruling has remained a monument to the cultural spirit and the key to the identity of the space region. the region which is trying to respect new groups slovaks and germans i'm gary ns and ukrainians jews gypsies and all the dots christians but in matters of faith the catholic church has always remained predominant. along with the specific topic tula zana a small church on the eastern side of the castle bez mediƦval testimony to the influence of the church in eastern slovakia.
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disappointed somewhat in conspicuous exterior i'm inside the travel team building office a wealth of romanesque frescoes the tel unique in the completeness with which they've been preserved. some of these vivid depictions of biblical scenarios were covered over for hundreds of centuries the last one exposed in one nine hundred fifty. in those days slovakia was under communist control and the catholic church exacted fall less of an influence than it had in the past today is a national cultural monument seductively beautiful as the sun.
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this base region has been invaded by many peoples who are trying to ted down the old walls who strove to conquer this ancient cultural landscape and make it their own. it's basically flowered withstood all military assaults but not the natural catastrophes all the political upheavals the change the face of the land many times . the once majestic castle fell into decline with time steadfastly eroding the poorest rock the shining travel time.
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today specific brand is a place of pilgrimage and not only for the cultural identity of the slovaks the fortress also stands as a symbol of the close dialogue between secular and temporal power and of the long history of approach mint and a strange mix between the two major poles of interest in this part of the world. the treasure house of slovakia the space region watched over by saints and protected by mighty us.
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messiah. will we see another classic duel between germany and argentina. and missy clinch the title catching the move in argentina. next d.w. . we can all raise a cup of java in her honor. military band. one hundred ten years ago she invented the coffee holder today it's an essential item in many kitchens. military since one of the women pioneers in our series for international women's day you wrote in sixty minutes on t.w. . women often fighting for the case to take things seriously in the world oh boy here's what's coming up women's tour. superhero smart
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children. through thirty three. i think. everyone's getting ready the world cup in russia kicks off on june fourteenth less than a hundred days from now time for a kickoff to take a closer look at the preparations he'll be that.


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